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Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

With 20 years of teaching experience, Katie is a qualified CYQ Pilates Teacher, Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, Rocket Yoga Teacher and is currently training to be Kundalini Teacher.

Katie’s Story

I began ballet classes at the age of 3 and dancing quickly became my life. I fell instantly in love, with how moving my body made me feel. Dancing allowed me to take a break from school life, homework and all the pressures, that being a teenage girl had, getting lost in movement has always made my soul feel alive, been my saviour and been a huge part of who I am, right from my very early years. I can still remember standing at the barre in my ballet class and going on my own inward journey during the port de bra, just like the journey I go on when I practise yoga. It seems I have always loved having time to listen to my own heart and soul, and this is why I am so passionate about sharing yoga, so I can give others the experience of how yoga can build the connection back to your self.

After my A Levels, I had brief moment of wanting to work the City and resist what I believe are my true callings in life, I quickly realised that City life, was not where I belonged, and so after three months, I went to back to dance college and qualified as a dance teacher 2 years later. 

It was through my study of dance that I found Pilates and Yoga. I vividly remember being in my very first Yoga class when I was 18. I knew from that moment, that I wanted to be a yoga teacher, above and beyond anything else. I loved that Yoga was non competitive, nobody expected you to get your leg higher than the person next to you, it was just about me and my body, and it was that space that I loved, and why I still love it today.

Back then yoga teacher training wasn’t as accessible, as it is now. At the age of 20, I asked my parents, if I could travel to India to study yoga, they felt I was too young to travel on my own, as unfortunately back then, we didn’t have the means of contact, like we do now. So, in 2001 I qualified as an aerobics teacher, with the YMCA. and began my quest via a different root. I was teaching Body Balance, which is a mix of Pilates and Yoga, but it wasn’t enough, I wanted to go deeper still, and my dream of being a yoga teacher, was still deeply rooted within my soul.

In 2011, I became a qualified pilates teacher. In 2017, finally my dream come true and I qualified as yoga teacher. I thought that then my soul would rest, but no, the yoga itch just got bigger. wanted to learn even more and go deeper. I am currently training with the Kundalini Yoga School, to be an age of aquarian Kundalini yoga teacher, which has taken me to Holland twice and I will take final stages of the course, in Israel.

My dream was always, to have my own Yoga studio. I even had visions of my son sitting at a desk and checking my yogis in. That dream never faded and it came true, except I have two beautiful sons, and they are the reason I have no regrets for not going to India when I was 20, and I believe my life experience, has helped me to grow as a teacher also.

Teaching is about making a positive difference to peoples lives. I hope that what my students  learn with me in class, will enhance their every day lives, away from the studio also.

Pilates and Yoga are more than an exercise or fitness class, they both connect the mind, body, breath and allow you to focus on yourself, which I feel is invaluable to our general well being, life is so hectic sometimes, we forget to take care of our own hearts, minds and bodies and having that little pocket of stillness, to create space in your mind, to re-align physically, and emotionally, for me is everything. I feel we need it more than ever right now.

I am forever grateful, to all my teachers, who have trained me along the way, supported me, and helping me on my path, to become my dream.

Katie’s Classes

Katie’s intention for her classes, is for each individual to enjoy their own unique experience. With no pressure to look, or feel a certain way, Katie is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and technical in her approach, so she will always offer modifications, to individuals, as they are needed.


Amanda Houston

 I was a little lost and mentally burnt out when I first arrived on a yoga mat. Encouraged by the wonderful Debbie Hannant, I decided to give yoga a ‘try’ and sure enough, after that first class in 2005, I was hooked. I remember lying in Shavasana in a state of pure bliss crying my eyes out, something had shifted…I could breathe!

Soon after, I began a dedicated practice of Ashtanga and over the years I was drawn to Ashrams in India and it was here, surrounded by peace and spirituality, I discovered my path to teach. In February 2017, during a sabbatical from work, I completed the 200-hour YTT with Peak Beings in Hawaii. 

Since then I have been honoured to study further YTT hours with Annie Carpenter (Vinyasa / Smart Flo), Norman Blair, Sarah Lo (Yin Yoga) Lisa Kaley-Isley (Yoga for Anxiety and Depression) and Rod Stryker (Yoga Nidra).

Whilst I initially began teaching Vinyasa, I also wanted to share my love of Yin yoga. I was amazed by the profound and calming effects it had on my own hectic life.  In such a fast-paced world, we desperately need to slow down, take a breath and connect deeper to ourselves. Practicing these two styles together can help us do just that, creating harmony, both physically and mentally. 

 Yin Yang yoga every Tuesday 7.00pm-8.30pm (90 minutes)

Classes are a mix of Vinyasa and Yin yoga.  We begin with a Yang (Vinyasa) Sequence to challenge the body to move with flow and strength, moving and warming muscles, increasing the heart rate and boosting blood flow.  The Yin sequences that follow and close the practice are designed to connect to the deeper layers of the self.  We slow down and hold poses for several minutes to elongate deep-set tissues in the body.  We nurture the mind, calm the heart and integrate the energy flow that we cultivated in our Yang practise at a deeper level within. 


Luisa Rennie

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 14 years, specialising in mindful, alignment-based, breath-led dynamic yoga. 

The focus of my study and practice has been ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, yoga therapy and vipassana meditation, and I have been blessed to study with some of the world’s leading teachers, including Mukunda Stiles (yoga therapy), Shiva Rea (vinyasa flow yoga), Tias Little, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (pregnancy yoga and yoga nidra), Sarah Powers (yin yoga and meditation) and John Peacock (mindfulness and Vipassana meditation).

I am a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK, a pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher and a Birthlight Baby Yoga, Level 2 teacher. I have been a mentor on the Yoga Campus teacher training course, assisting new teachers with their yoga teacher training, and marking essays. I have also worked with the Prison Phoenix Trust, teaching yoga and meditation to prison populations. I taught for five years at one of London’s top yoga studios, The Life Centre in London as well as teaching yoga to Oxford rowers, and specialist workshops on stress relief to Oxford University students. I have run UK based and international yoga retreats, which I will start up again in 2019 (now I’ve had my babies!).

All my yoga classes, workshops and retreats include detailed instruction, energising and relaxing sequences and a special focus on the breath. My teaching is all-inclusive and non-dogmatic but is firmly grounded in the philosophy of yoga, especially the practice of 'ahimsa' – non-harming, 'santosha' – contentment and 'svadhyaya' – self-study. 

My yoga classes are also infused with the Buddhist vipassana, or 'insight' meditation I practise, and often carry a strong therapeutic focus.


Karen Curren

My name is Karen Curren & I have been teaching a variety of exercise classes since qualifying in 1992.

 I trained as a Pilates Matwork instructor at the Pilates Institute in 2001 & have continued teaching in various clubs,offices & studios ever since.

In those 16 years I have gained a wealth of experience at all levels. 

I still get great pleasure from seeing the improvements & benefits of Pilates to my pupils.


Candice Jackson

Candice discovered yoga 10 years ago and her lifelong journey began! As a trained dancer and having performed in the West End, Candice had always been passionate about the body and movement and Yoga felt like a natural progression for her to continue learning. Prior to becoming a yoga  teacher, Candice worked in the city as an Executive Assistant, then a Roadshow and Event Co-ordinator before becoming a Mother for the first time in 2016. Since becoming a new mother, Candice decided that the City  was no longer the place for her to grow and while she fully immersed herself into motherhood,  she still had that passion for Yoga and movement and decided to learn to teach others of the benefits that she had discovered personally from Yoga.

Candice  decided to train as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and completed her 200hrs RYT with 1-2-1 Urban hot yoga. She has not  looked back since!

Candice  considers herself  an "energy-centred practitioner" and concentrates on helping students find the flow of energy in their own bodies through movement and self-observation.  Candice teaches with a strong focus on alignment and the breath.

Candice believes that  yoga provides us with a sense of freedom, happiness, and  clarity also  that it helps us to enhance and maintain genuine connections with both ourselves and with others.

She soon witnessed the changes that regular practice brought to her life and credits her yoga mat to the amount of peace she has found within herself.

She teaches a dynamic, energetic and creative sequence, that takes you out of your overactive mind and into a meditative flow, combining breath and movement. Her goal is to energise, relax and uplift. So expect to move, sweat and, most importantly, have fun!

steve jo.jpg

Steve Johansen

I first discovered Yoga in February 2007, in an attempt to combat a bad bout of depression that I was experiencing at that time.

Initially drawn to Ashtanga Yoga a Vinyasa flow, which is a fast flowing energetic style of yoga, I soon realised that I wanted more from yoga than just the physical practice. Consequently, I began practicing other styles of yoga such as HathaIyengar and Sivananda, with many different teachers. But kept being drawn back to Hatha Yoga, which is the base of all yoga styles.

After a few years, my practice had developed and my teachers began suggesting that I become a yoga teacher myself. They felt that my patience, enthusiasm and caring approach to the people around me, coupled with my strong practice, would make me an excellent teacher. After much deliberation and research, I finally decided to undertake the 200 hour teacher training course at CamYoga in Cambridge. 

Since qualifying in April 2014 I have enjoyed teaching Yoga at a number of locations and studios, thought-out Essex, teaching Classes, Private 1-2-1 sessions, Workshops, and now teaching Anatomy and Asana (yoga poses) on the teacher training program back at CamYoga, where I started my Yoga Teaching journey.   

Now a full time Hatha Yoga teacher, my love and enthusiasm for yoga hasn’t diminished, which leads me to be always learning and looking for new ways of developing my own daily yoga practice and improve my teaching skills, attending various courses and other classes and workshops whenever possible.

While my understanding of Yoga has increased, I still don’t do a lot of chanting or as my students like to say “OMing”, I have introduced more yoga philosophy into my classes, which still focuses on proper alignment of each asana (yoga pose) in a fun and encouraging way. Adapting the intensity of each class to the participant’s needs and skill levels. Ending all my classes with some form of or Shavasana, relaxation or mediation, leaving the students feeling energised but relaxed. 

nat 1.JPG

Natalie Diss

My Yoga journey began 10 years ago teaching Body Balance with the sole intention of adding a stretching programme to my fitness routine. Three years later, after experimenting with fitness yoga, my passion for Vinyasa Power Yoga began.

I found a like minded training school to learn this powerful, energetic, form of yoga moving fluidly and considerately from one pose to the next using breath and every day English, which I believe eliminates elitism and confusion.

Through intelligent and considerate sequencing I wish to make a Power Yoga accessible to a broader audience encouraging participants to stop, take a breath, think and feel...... truly reconnecting with mind and body.


Lori Tomlin

Hi, I’m Lori, a Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga teacher. 

I first found my passion for yoga when I was experimenting with ways to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I looked into the natural healing properties of crystals, became vegan and started making more environmentally conscious decisions. Out of all these things that I was learning and exploring, yoga really positively affected my mindset by giving me the time and ability I needed to focus on myself. 

In November 2018, I decided to complete my yoga teacher training in Thailand and become a teacher in the practice that I love so much. The calm and serene environment there has influenced the type of yoga that I teach today. Therefore my classes are mostly Hatha based with a strong Pranayama and Meditation practice. I like to teach techniques that focus on deep and healthy breathing, mantras and an inner consciousness. I incorporate self love and self acceptance into my teachings, which I’ve found to be incredibly important.