Sound Healing with Guru Ben

Since we opened, back in September, we’ve done workshops in Yin Yoga, Meditation and inversions but now, we’re super excited to announce our first sound healing Workshop! Under the title of a Gong Bath, these meditative instruments are used to heal the body through sound. Everything has a vibration, an energy, so when these instruments are played their vibrations connect with your vibrations to balance and calm your mind and body.

The ancient form of sound healing has become very popular in our busy modern world. the rise in popularity is due to people wanting to be retuned, to slow down. You could even call this form of healing a sound massage as its able to calm the nervous system and still the thoughts.

It’s the perfect antidote for busy lives. With many benefits, such as improving sleep, releasing negativity and clearing the subconscious of emotional issues.

We look forward to seeing you there on May 25th at 8pm

Katie Ellerbeck